Mustang GT + F430

Hello after long time. It is very long time when I last public any post on my blog, but until I finished Austin were built two next models. First is Mustang GT 2005 and second Ferrari F430 from Revell. Below is picture of this last models.The main cause why didn´t post any picture or some words about kits is due to change in my personal life. I also plan reconstruction of blog, it will be completly different with new sections but unfortunatelly I don´t have time. Hope I will start again with building earliest at march 2013 due to mentioned changes. Hope You will follow me again. Next model will be from AMT, 1969 Plymouth GTX.  

Thank You Lukas



briffak povedal(a)...

Both the Ferrari and Mustang look very nice Lukas, well done. Waiting to see more pictures of both cars, especially the Mustang. Well done!

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