Mitsubishi GTO ~ 3000GT is already finished few days. This project took me about one and half month. Its simple and nice kit from Tamiya, Build should be faster because this kit is without engine. fitments of all pieces is very nice without any problems. I make some changes in exterior like new wing and wheels to achieve 3000GT look. Paint is Rally red from Dupli colour. interior was done according box. I didn´t paint black stripe on front bumper, because I don´t like it and I think that now if front more attractive and clean. I use Rally-Art decal on sides and hood. New wing is from Italery Rally EVO also wheels. Wheels are in semi-mat white with Enkei decal. Wing top plate was re-do due to longer size from profile. Body is polished with micro polishing pads and KPM polishing compounds from 3 to 1. Final polishing is done with deer-skin. I know that final work isn´t 100% and there are still some points where I can make it better. I want to build this kit again. It was 1st time when I used airbrush during build. Final result is more clean than paint with brush, (of course there will be still place for brush detailing and so on) but I can just advise airbrush for all people who are not sure if go or no to airbrush.



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Vyzerá super ;)

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Lovely Mitsubishi you have built here. The colour and wheels are both very nice and the website is very informative too. Keep it up, well done!

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