At this moment is Plymouth already finished, but I don´t have time to post any update, due to very short time between target to finish kit and Plastic model shock 2014 (model show at Malacky, Slovakia) Later on I will post some photo from show. Now lets go back to Plymouth GTX chassis. Chassis contain about 20 pieces. Its classic set up for muscle cars. I face Just one fitting problem, or better say short exhaust pipes because its not possible attach pipes to engine due to gap over 10 mm. For me its not important because its not visible. Colour scheme is nothing special I would say classic. I try to make chassis in used condition. Exhoust pipes are de-chromed and covered to BMF. Kit give You option of two wheel set, I choice easier looking set and put them to black semi-mat, Tires are detailed by hand painted logo of GoodYear mark. Later on I will may be change wheels for Pegasus set. 




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