PLASTIC WINTER 2013 Slovakia

Plastikova Zima 2013 KPMBratislava / Plastic Winter 2013 KPMBratislava is competition of plastic models. Its every year biggest competition or exhibition of plastic models from kits of WWI, WWII until cars, trucks and so on. You can meet new people, friends and discus about building and techniques, this is reason why I visit shows like PZ/PW. I bought what I want or need for building, it was nice day. If You will have time next year around end of November or beginning of December, visit this exhibition/competition. I would like to share photos from my category, some of them are from me some from my friend Richard Svec. Through this way I would like to say hello to my friends, Lukas, Martin, Pavel, Richard and MK-Zobor team.




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