During Mustang GT 2005 building my girlfriend start with 1/24 Ferrari F430 by Revell. She want build this kit so we bought together Ferrari set (Ferrari F430 and Enzo set) This kit was built faster than Mustang because when I finished GT, I started help her. Parts fit together without problems, with good detail. Kit is built box stock. Color scheme for body and interior were choice by her and result isnt usual F430. Interior is painted in semi gloss and mate black with aluminium details. Body is painted in desert metallic with 3 coats of clear coat. Wheels are painted in gloss black and than polished. I help her with engine, which is painted according instructions and add only two yellow (plastic) wires with silver detailing.
Break calipers are in red with ferrari decal. Taillights are painted only in red without orange signal light. Front lights are painted in angeleyes style. Kit has option use decals or mesh for holes on body lije side skirts and front and rear bumper, engine air vent. We used mesh and result is very nice. It was first time, but application is very easy and looks attractive.
Car came out very good and colour scheme isnt standard for car what made it different. Ferrari won 2nd place on 2012 Modelparada modelshow.  Below are pictures of finished Ferrari F430.




Karl Briffa povedal(a)...

Very nice build, looks so nice and real. Well done!

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